1993 Maserati Barchetta - exterior view of the classic Maserati sports car in red

The Maserati Barchetta was a design never intended for road use, but instead, developed for a single-make championship that was held on various racetracks across Italy and Europe during 1993. The Barchetta had a single backbone chassis made from aluminum, expanding on a new technology that had been developed for the Chubasco prototype. The centrally mounted engine was a 2.0-liter, 24-valve V6 that developed 315 hp, while its wheel geometry was Formula 1-style and the body was made from composite and carbon fiber. With a total weight of only 1,700 pounds, performance was outstanding. A road-going version was considered but never developed, due to homologation challenges.

Data sheet Barchetta
Model code Tipo THB CMM
Body type Composite and carbon-fibre two-seater barchetta-style sports car
Design Carlo Gaino (Synthesis Design)
Production years 1992 - 1993
Maserati era De Tomaso
Numbers produced17
Chassis Aluminium and composite honeycomb backbone chassis
Dry / kerb weight 775kg
Engine configuration 90° V6, 24 valves, double overhead camshaft, twin-turbo
Maximum power 315hp @ 7,250rpm
Top speed Over 300km/h
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